New Cars BMW X3 2.0d with wallpapers

New Cars BMW X3 2.0d with wallpapers
BMW X3 2.0d (2008) CAR review
Previously untouchable in the premium compact SUV segment, the BMW X3 now finds itself with some impressive competition. Audi has the Q5 and coming over the hill, looking like a monster, is Mercedes’ GLK. Both are based on newer platforms than the X3 and offer serious, credible alternatives. Can BMW’s baby premium 4x4 still match up?

Isn’t the BMW X3 starting to feel a bit old now?
Would you believe the X3 only dates to 2004? Evolution has, however, left this BMW behind. Unlock or start the car and you immediately notice you’re using a metal key. Climb aboard and there’s no iDrive – though some may see that as a blessing – while all the main dials and switchgear are shared with the Z4 and look dated.


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